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Member of the Alaska State House of Represeentatives since 2003. US Air Force, Retired; military bandsman; F94C interceptor pilot; Vietnam service as radar controller (Monkey Mountain), radar site commander(Pleiku); Government Contract Management; Public school Teacher, Retired. Married 55 years to Marlene Wagner Lynn, 6 children, 20 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild. Member St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton Church. Former Tucson Arizona policeman, Ambulance Driver and Mortician's Assistant, Realtor (currently on referral status).

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Saturday morning, just three days before Election Day November 7th. At 10:00AM I joined political friends at the corner of Dimond Blvd. and Old Seward by Dimond Mall to wave signs for our favorite candidates for State House, State Senate, and Governor. I shan’t mention their names, because this is a legislative Blog - as if you couldn’t guess who I support! It was a bright sunny beautiful Alaska day, which means like 15 degrees brisk and snow on the ground. We’re waving signs because we think our candidates are the best – not perfect candidates, just the best from those whose names appear on the ballot.

This 2006 election is critically important. There’s a hotly contest for governor, as well as several very competitive legislative races, that could change the future of Alaska for years to come. For one thing, the new governor and new legislative will be very important to putting together an appropriate gas pipeline. That’s obvious. But more important, I think, are issues of basic character and morality and work ethic. Where do the candidates stand on core moral values? Is there any evidence of political backbone? When push comes to shove, that’s what’s important. Get the values right, and good things usually follow.

I fear too many folks vote for the candidate who had the last political card in the mailbox, or for the name on the last sign they saw on the way to their polling place. Maybe worse, vote for somebody merely because some newspaper with an agenda endorsed them. Even so, our system of government and our elective process is the best in the world.

Alaska is a marvelous place. It’s very easy for folks up here to meet or talk on the phone to almost everybody running for election to anything. Alaska is the world's largest small town. I go to all kinds of political campaign events. Too often I see the same few people. Good for them. God Bless ‘em. But where are all the others?

Most of us running for office knock on doors, make phone calls, or even stand by the roadside with a sign inviting folks to stop, get acquainted, and ask questions face-to-face, one-on-one. Almost all of us have our name in the phone book. That means we make a good effort to meet the folks we seek to represent.

Please, between now and the time the polls close Tuesday evening, personally contact the candidates on your ballot. Then vote.


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