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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The following is my floor speech for my House State Affairs Committe Resolution HJR38that celebrates the 60th birthday of Israel:

"Mr. Speaker,

I grew up in East Los Angeles on Woods Avenue, across the street from the infamous Garfield High School, and next door was a big six- family apartment building. One day, when I was 12 years old, some of the families who lived there came outside and danced around, shouted with joy, and hugged each other. I asked my grandparents who raised me what in the world was going on. They told me the happy people from the apartment were Jewish families, and that they were celebrating the birth of a new nation in the world called “Israel.”

Well, Mr. Speaker I’ve got to confess that, at that time, I didn’t have a clue what a Jew was, or what was so special about someplace called Israel. And I’ve got to tell you, I also didn’t know much about a place many of us call the “Holy Land,” and how significant this is to all of us. But now I know more than I d

Now I know that the birthday of the sovereign and independent State of Israel was May 14th, 1948. That birthday was 60 years ago. That miracle national birthday - and I do think was a miracle – is what this resolution, HJR 38, is all about. You can read all the “whereases” in the resolution yourself – and there’s 11 of them – which trace 3,000 years from the historic Kingdom of Israel, to modern Israel. It’s interesting reading.

Israel is a bastion of democracy that embraces freedom of speech, freedom of religion, free press, plus free, fair, and open elections, and the rule of law. Obviously, freedom and democracy is a rare commodity in that part of the world. For 60 years, the United States and Israel have shared a strong and special relationship based upon a Judeo-Christian culture that forms the basis of Western Civilization. This resolution helps honor that special relationship.

The tiny nation of Israel has been – and still is, unfortunately – surrounded by nations and cultures that would devour Israel if they could. But Israel is also a nation of warriors, with a military and an Air Force that’s the envy of nations around the world.

The national friendship between Israel and the United States is an example of what national friendship and respect ought to be. I request your support of this resolution."


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