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Member of the Alaska State House of Represeentatives since 2003. US Air Force, Retired; military bandsman; F94C interceptor pilot; Vietnam service as radar controller (Monkey Mountain), radar site commander(Pleiku); Government Contract Management; Public school Teacher, Retired. Married 55 years to Marlene Wagner Lynn, 6 children, 20 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild. Member St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton Church. Former Tucson Arizona policeman, Ambulance Driver and Mortician's Assistant, Realtor (currently on referral status).

Friday, January 09, 2009


I met with Governor Sarah Palin today at her Anchorage office to discuss several of the new bills I’ll be pre-filing – including my bill on instant on-line campaign disclosure - for the new Legislative Session that begins January 20th. It was a very positive and productive meeting. The legislature and the administration are separate and independent branches of government, and one does not report to the other. Nonetheless, it’s in the best interest of Alaska for one branch to consult and coordinate with the other whenever practical. I wish it happened more often.

At the end of our legislative business meeting, I showed Governor Palin a drawing my grandson
Hunter Wainscott drew from a photo of the governor and me together on the capitol steps. It was my Christmas present from him. Hunter, who lives with his seven siblings and parents in Indiana, is a talented young artist. Governor Palin graciously let me take a photo of her holding Hunter’s drawing, and I’ll be sending it to him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What irony that you met with Sarah about campaign donations when so many THOUSANDS of dollars were WASTED trying to make her look like America's GOP princess!

Someday, your son will point to that picture and say "And here's one of my dad with a convicted felon!" Troopergate is NOT "in the past" and it's just the TIP of the iceberg!

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will there ever be a meeting in Juneau. What does this picture have to do with addressing the urgent needs of Alaska.

It seems as though you are in awe of Palin more then your job.

It would be interesting to know what this has to do with your constituents.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Katherine Lee said...

I guess you had to get your visit in before the legislature meets in Juneau, since it's unlikely you will see much of her there. Her dishonesty and incompetence as governor is NOT in the past, but your job as a legislator WILL be if you don't do your job and follow up on her ethics violations.

6:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Governor Palin graciously let me take a photo of her holding Hunter’s drawing, and I’ll be sending it to him"

Give us a break! There is nothing gracious about our governor, only blind ambition and the desire to have her picture taken non-stop everywhere, and with everyone.

This is one Alaskan who will NEVER request a picture of our corrupt and self serving governor.

10:00 AM  

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