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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Tonight was the kickoff event for the gathering of the 32,734 signatures required to put an initiative on the 2010 ballot that would require parental notification for a minor child’s abortion. The event as held at the Changepoint Auditorium in Anchorage. Obviously, if parental consent is needed for an aspirin at school, ear piercing, etc., why is not such permission mandated for a serious medical procedure? Yes, I’m Pro-Life. But here the issue isn’t abortion. The issue is parental rights.

Keynote speaker was Star Parker, a prominent supporter of parental rights. Her spirited speech about parental rights and other issues was one I wish everyone could hear. She held the audience spellbound. Sarah Palin had been expected also to attend, but didn’t make it. Some have wanted to make that the issue - but it’s not. The issue is parental rights, not who attends. The only disappointment is that such a bill or initiative is necessary.

The initiative would require notice (but not necessarily consent) to the parent or guardian of a child under 18 before she has an abortion. Notice to a parent would have to be at least 48 hours before the abortion - but that period could be waived if consent is given. The initiative would also allow a so-called “judicial bypass” without notice to a parent, if the child presented convincing evidence to the court it was needed. Likewise, a court could allow a victim of abuse by her parent to get an abortion without parental notice. This isn’t rocket science. It’s a an initiative that allows parents to be parents, but makes allowances for children of the parentally challenged.

This initiative is similar to HB35 introduced this legislative session by Rep. John Coghill (I’m a co-sponsor), but is less stringent because the initiative requires requires notice, but not necessarily consent. HB35 passed the House 23 to 14, mainly along party lines. The bill currently resides in the Senate, but is unlikely to even pass out of committee.

36 states already have enforceable laws that protect parental rights in this area. Polls show some 78% support such a common-sense policy.

Photos show Star Parker speaking, me with friends Dirk Moffatt, Jim Minnery, and Jay Griffin, and me talking with Star after the event.


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