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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today our House Judiciary Committee (of which I'm a member) conducted a confirmation hearing for Daniel (“Dan”) Sullivan, former Governor Sarah Palin’s pick for Attorney General June 16, 2009. He’s been serving as Acting Attorney General, pending confirmation of Joint Session of our Alaska Legislature. He will be supervising some 550 assistant attorneys and staff in thirteen offices throughout our state.

Dan Sullivan’s resume - and his comments at our hearing - are some of the most impressive I’ve ever heard. He graduated Harvard University magnum cum laude, with a BA in Economics, then proceeded to Georgetown University to earn a Juris Doctor (Doctor of Law) and Masters of Science in Foreign Service. Again, magnum cum laude; translated from the Latin language, it means “with great honor.” I myself might oneday earn a degree with magnum cum laude - if I can figure out how to live another hundred years.

Sullivan adds brawn to brains. He served as a United States Marine infantry officer, worked as strategic advisor Commander of Central Command General David Patraeus, CENCOM General John Abizaid. Much of this time was in the Middle East war zone. Sullivan still serves in the Marine Corps Reserve.

Prior to becoming Attorney General, Sullivan served as the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Economic, Energy, and Business Affairs. His nomination by the President was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate in May 2006 and he served until January 2009. In this role, he was a senior advisor to the Secretary of State and other top U.S. government officials on the formulation and execution of international economic, energy, trade, finance, transportation, telecommunications and Arctic policies. Sullivan also led and managed the 200-employee State Department Bureau of Economic, Energy, and Business Affairs.

As the Assistant Secretary of State, much of Sullivan’s work focused on international energy issues. He served as the U.S. Governing Board member of the Paris-based International Energy Agency – the world’s premier energy security organization. He and the State Department bureau he led worked closely with the Office of the Federal Coordinator for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects on Alaska gas pipeline issues. That’s very good news, considering all the gas pipeline issues Alaska is dealing with.

Dan Sullivan is married to Julie Fate Sullivan of Fairbanks. She’s the daughter of former Representative Bud Fate, whom I served with the first few years after my election. They have three daughters. Dan Sullivan is one of my constituents in District 31 (which means that I work for him). He and his family, like Marlene and I, attend St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton Church in South Anchorage.

In addition to al of Dan Sullivan’s accomplishments, he is a very nice, and fun, guy to work with. He has my vote for confirmation as Attorney General.

Photo taken from my seat on the Judiciary Committee.


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