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Monday, April 25, 2005

Those Yellow Signs: April 25, 2005

Congratulations to Joe Law for community activism in support of his idea to fund school projects via Senate Bill 155. I have not listened yet to testimony on this bill in committee, so I'll reserve judgement on the bills merits.

Channel 2 KTUU television Anchorage today broadcast a story about printer Joe Law posting yellow signs throughout various Anchorage representatives districts. Joe Law is spending about $4,000, targeting both Republicans and Democrats, by urging motorists to get on the phone and push for passage of Senate Bill 155. Law is urging lawmakers to pay for school projects with the earnings of one of Alaska's most sacred institutions: the Permanent Fund. “We got $40 billion in the Permanent Fund, and we will not touch a penny of it to help the kids.”

According to the TV broadcast, some legislators believe Mr. Law's posting of the signs is "inappropriate," or even "offensive." I disagree. What's wrong with trying to influence legislators to Mr. Law's point of view? Nothing! He's not spending state money, he apparently spending his own personal time and money to advance his viewpoint. Good for him. Politicians too often critizize their constituencies for not getting involved. Let's don't critize them when they do.


Blogger clarateakettle said...

Pushing legislators? Lobbyists do it all the time. I don't understand the problem and salute Joe Law for his concerns about education.
I don't think that there is enough positive attention directed toward our public schools, but I get the impression, by reading certain articles, that the Republicans are against public school anyway.
If we don't repair and improve these schools, underprivileged children will have no place to be educated. If we build charter schools to address the education of all these children then Charter schools will soon become as problematic as public schools.
Anyway, those legislators who are "offended" by Joe Law's yellow signs are perhaps just upset over the fact that they are not "gaining" anything from this action. I fully agree that we need to put money into the schools, but am upset over the fact that our state administration is intent on tapping the PF.
I plan on doing some research and will comment after I've read more about the Permanent Fund and Senate Bill 155.

12:28 PM  

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