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Friday, December 22, 2006


The following is an opinion article I submitteed to the Anchorage Daily News for publication on December 15, 2006.

In the wake of FBI raids of a few legislative offices, and the recent federal indictment of one member (out of sixty) of the Legislature, some people – who are smart enough to know better – are labeling the entire Legislature “corrupt.”

For example, the Anchorage Daily News reports Representative Croft said, “this is a fundamentally corrupt Legislature.”

Whoa there! That’s not fair. It’s outrageous. The indictment of one, or even more, is not and should not be an indictment of the entire Legislature.

The great majority of the legislators – both Republicans and Democrats – are honest, ethical, hardworking individuals (and the majority rules). Legislators can disagree on all kinds of issues, along party lines and within parties, but Honesty and Ethics have no party label.

This is not a time to play “Gotcha Politics,” by using allegations of improper conduct by a few to condemn ALL, for the apparent purpose of indulging in political vendettas or advancing party agendas.

I like Eric Croft. We disagree on some key issues, but he’s a good man. Like most other legislators, I believe he’s concerned about any indication of unethical behavior in the Legislature. Hopefully, he misspoke when he labeled the entire Legislature “fundamentally corrupt” – because that would be damning the many by the possible actions of the few. Surely Representative Croft agrees with me that most of his Democrat colleagues are dedicated public servants, just like my Republican colleagues.

No legislation will make an unethical legislator ethical. That said, the Legislature needs to “come reason together” on better ethics legislation that will assist anyone who is “ethically challenged.” With that in mind, I’m working with Representative Berta Gardner in a bi-partisan effort to draft a bill tightening requirements for disclosure and also addressing so-called “consulting contracts.”

A broad range of Alaskans elected the forty representatives and twenty senators in the Legislature. We are as diverse as the voters who elected us. Just like everyone else, none of us are perfect – not even close. Most legislators are good, law-abiding folks working to do our best. But, if anyone is convicted of violating the public trust, put them in jail and throw away the key.

We have a good Legislature, and a new Governor, and it’s time to move on to the challenges and opportunities that will make our state an even better place for all Alaskans.


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