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Friday, November 16, 2007


An historic vote occurred today. Our legislature passed HB2001, Governor Palin’s oil tax modification bill, with a very strong affirmative vote of 26 to 13. I voted “Yes.” What I said in my November 11th Blog bears repeating, “Whether we voted yes or no on any of the amendments, or on the bill itself, we helped to rebuild the Foundation of Trust that’s needed between the good people of Alaska and those they elect to represent them. We conducted an open, honest, and respectful debate.”

Please know that every vote cast on the amendments, and on the bill itself, were tough votes. Like all votes, some good people will agree, and some will not. I based my votes on a broad range of input from constituents, as well as from expert consultants, testimony from the producers, and debate in the various committees and on the Senate floor and House floor. Obviously, all decisions are based on information of the present - with the hope that the future will prove us correct.

I’m pleased that tax deductions for costs of repairs caused by negligence are no longer allowed. But I must say I’m very unhappy with part of the tax being made retroactive, because that is inherently unfair. But, as one of my favorite colleagues put it, voting on a bill like this is something like buying a cable TV package. To get what’s needed you have to take some of what you don’t want. It’s truisms that politics is the art of compromise, and perfection is the enemy of progress.
The industry did end up with the tax calculated on net profits, not the gross, and that is what they wanted. Companies which invest in Alaska will get nice rebates. It’s likely the final vote on the oil tax debate will increase the economic certainty that’s needed for the industry and all parties concerned, for a least a couple of decades – and that’s good. With this issue behind us, it’s time for Alaskans to come together, look to the future, and move forward. I try to be an optimist, whatever happens. I appreciate your support, especially when tough votes are cast.

Above is the photo I took of the Vote Tally Board from my seat on the House floor, and a photo showing a happy Governor Sarah Palin and Commissioner of Revenue Pat Galvin (a constituent) at the Governor’s Press Conference, shortly after HB2001 passed the legislature.


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