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Monday, September 15, 2008


The politically “safe” thing, especially in a state legislative election year, would be to sit on the sidelines and let the so-called “Troopergate” matter progress on its own, even when I thought a partisan highjack of the investigation was taking place. But that’s not the way I’m put together. Think me right or wrong, I decided to take a position.

When the Legislative Council initiated the Troopergate matter, it was basically an Alaska issue. Not many Outside knew or cared about it. Alaska Democrat senators, supporting the Barack Obama campaign with time and money, supervised the investigation. That was OK at the outset.

But then, unexpectedly to all concerned, national presidential political events overtook the state legislature's investigation. No one knew, including the Alaska Democrat senators and Sarah Palin that, a short time after the investigation was initiated, Sarah Palin would receive the Republican nomination for Vice-President. When that happened, those senators involved in the Obama campaign should have recused themselves from the investigation.

One should not only avoid conflict of interest, but also the appearance of conflict of interest. There is no way presidential campaign politics can be kept out of a president’s or vice-president’s home state politics. That's reality. But certainly, no legislator should be pushing an investigation when they are actively campaigning for the person being investigated's opponent. That’s basic common sense.

Therefore I joined as a plaintiff, with other legislators I trust, in a suit to remedy the situation. No one from the McCain-Palin campaign contacted me on this matter.


Blogger Jerad McClure said...

Dear Representative Lynn,

With all due respect, I do believe that you are acting in a far more partisan and politically motivated way than Senator French.
Why has Mrs. Palin flip-flopped on her stance on the investigation? First, she says she is for it, and "hurry up and get it done before the election." Now, she has 'lawyered up' and is doing everything that she can to stall/throwout any sort of investigation that she can't control.



11:47 AM  
Blogger Pull the other one said...

Give it a rest Bob - Everything that happens in the last 2 months of a campaign has partisan politics implications, including your effort to stop the investigation.

The legislative council voted unanimously in July to investigate the firing, appointing democrat Hollis French to lead the effort. After Palin was named McCain's running mate you and your colleagues decided the investigation was partisan and should be stopped.

From where this Republican sits (I am one of your constituents), your attempt at justification does not hold water. The folks you appointed are the same dems they have always been. You want them to recuse themselves solely to delay resolution past the election.

"No one from the McCain-Palin campaign contacted me on this matter."

Of course not! However, the Republican Party clearly organized filing this effort. Pretty lame attempt to spin, Bob.

11:07 AM  
Blogger snowman said...

Late on reading this but it is still current. You are right on, Bob. This "investigation" is ridiculous.

1. The legislature is not there to investigate, but legislate, right? Where the hell do they get off sending a summons to anyone?

2. Gov. Palin can fire Walt M. for having a funny colored is her right.

3. From what I read and hear, the trooper is a slime-ball and Montegan should have kicked him off the force long time ago.

4. Stand tall, Bob. You're doning the right thing.


3:13 PM  
Blogger Me too! said...

Bob - I agree with the previous posts that your filing looks partisan.

I am a Republican too. I've read the Branchflower report. It looks pretty well reasoned to me.

The way I see it, a bi-party coalition voted unanimously to conduct the investigation and an early October target was set for a report. All while Palin was acknowledged to be at least on the long list of Veep candidates. Your response then...not a peep of objection.

Sarah gets the nomination and suddenly you decided that this was a partisan witch hunt. So what I would really like to know is just who paid the cost to file your suit?

2:52 PM  

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