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Thursday, January 22, 2009


One of the neat things about my seat on the right front row of the House of Representatives is that I get to see our governors, United States Senators and Congressman, and our Chief Justice of the Alaska Supreme Court close up when they address joint sessions of the Alaska Legislature. My front row seat also permits me opportunity for snapshots with a pocket camera – sans flash. I took the snapshot on the right during the Governor’s speech

Today I watched and listened to our Governor Sarah Palin deliver her third State of the State address to our legislature. It was, by far, her best delivered speech to our legislature. But, let’s face it. She’s gained a lot of speaking experience during her run for vice-president. And it shows.
She opened her speech by wishing President Obama well, and thanking former President George Bush for his defense of America. Very gracious.

Governor Palin recognized the national downturn in the economy, explained that Alaska’s economy is in better shape than most because we had the foresight to place billions of dollars into savings when oil prices were high last year. Nonetheless, she called for a state hiring freeze as one precautionary measure against projected budget deficits this year.

I was happy to learn Governor Palin will introduce a bill to assist development of an in-state natural gas pipeline, and I liked her goal of generating 50 percent of power from renewable sources by 2025. Like former Governor Hickel, Sarah Palin is not shy about advocating for long term projects. She announced her support for a future 526 mile road from Fairbanks to Nome to open up vast new regions for economic and resource development. I would have liked for her to mentioned a rail extension to the Lower 48, which would go a long ways toward lowering shipping costs and increasing tourism.

Whatever, as one legislator said, “There’s no doubt the governor is back in town”!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you that there was a lot to like in the Governor's State of the State. I also hope for the day that we'll extend the Alaska Railroad to the lower 48. I miss Rep. James' forceful advocacy for the link. A AK-US rail link would open so much opportunity for us!

11:15 AM  

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