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Friday, February 27, 2009


I chaired a most remarkable House State Affairs Committee meeting today. Thirty-five students from the Polaris K-12 School in Anchorage testified by phone today in support of HB 14: "An Act designating the Alaskan Malamute as the official state dog." The bill passed out of committee with 4 “Do Pass,” 2 “No Recommendation,” 1 “Amend.” In the spirit of full disclosure, I was a “No Recommendation.” The bill now resides in the Rules Committee, for potential scheduling on the House floor.

When I learned thirty-five students would be testifying, I expected the hearing to last past my bedtime (which is always late). No so. The students had their political act together. Each held to their time limit, and no one repeated the same testimony – I wish adults who testify would do so well. They even followed ponderous legislative procedure when speaking to someone on the committee other than the Chair with the correct, “Rep. So-and-So – “through the chair.” Later in the afternoon, some students were able to fly down to Juneau and visit face-to-face with legislators. My impression: kids like these make the future of Alaska secure.

The “Malamute Bill” was sponsored by the kids (but officially by Rep. Berta Gardner) as a civics lesson, and coordinated with the Polaris School faculty. Congratulations to everybody involved. That includes "Frost" the Malamute, the school mascot, pictured above!


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