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Thursday, June 04, 2009


Met Michael Reagan, President Reagan’s adopted son, last night. Michael Reagan has been hosting the Michael Reagan radio talk show for some time. He was introduced to the audience by Governor Sarah Palin. The governor was introduced by radio talk show hosts Rick Rydell and Eddie Burke. 

Both Michael Reagan and Sarah Palin struck strong conservative notes at the event. Predictably, their comments have already has caused great gnashing of teeth by some of my more liberal (excuse me, “progressive”) friends. Whatever happened to diversity and tolerance? 

Actually, most of Michael Reagan’s talk centered on the personal relationship between him and his dad. 

A touching moment was when Michael Reagan told us about how, at one time, his dad never said to him, “I love you.” Then he realized that he himself  had never told his father, “I love you.” With that insight, Michael summoned up his courage, went to his father and said, “Dad, I love you.” Ronald Reagan gave a big smile and said, “Well, son, I love you too!” - and hugged him. 


One time when Michael was leaving his dad’s home, toward the end of the president’s life, Michael forgot to give the hug and say “I love you.” Looking back toward the house, Michael saw his dad standing at the doorway, arms held out ready to embrace. Of course, his son rushed back to his dad. Michael made the point that though his father didn’t recognize him because of advanced Alzheimer’s dementia, he still remembered to hug his son and say “I love you.” But that he,a man without Alzheimer’s, had forgotten. A touching story. A story I'll remember, long after I forget the evening’s political jabs and thrusts.  

Also in attendance at the Michael Reagan event were Lt. Governor Sean Parnell, former Lt. Governor Loren Leman, and many of my other friends.    


Blogger jo said...

Great person to be associated with. Some other Michael Reagan comments: Shoot the 9/11 truthers I'll pay for the bullets. Shoot Mark Dice. Bury Arlen Specter. Ship the homeless out of NYC. Put grenades up babies rectums blow them up. Gotta love Palin and all her other "Christian" buddies.

7:13 PM  

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