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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Anchorage NBC television station KTUU invited me to their studio for an interview about the bipartisan bill I filed and released to the media today. Following is the script from their 10:00 PM television newscast:
Anchorage, Alaska - Some state lawmakers are now trying to close a loophole that many feel creates corruption.

A new proposal would ban state lawmakers from double-dipping as paid consultants and lobbyists while they're in public office. Proponents say it's long overdue.

The FBI raids last August put several state lawmakers under close scrutiny and focused the spotlight again on the issue of elected officials working as paid consultants. The controversial practice is currently allowed, thanks to a loophole in the state's ethics law.

"There's no legislation at all that's going to make an unethical person ethical," said Rep. Bob Lynn, R-Anchorage.

Lynn and a bipartisan group of lawmakers have filed a proposed ethics bill to put new controls on what Lynn calls the "ethically challenged" in Juneau.

"We want to make sure that the people who are elected by the people are working for the people and not for someone else inappropriately," he said.

The proposal would ban legislators from accepting outside payments for work associated with legislative, political or administrative actions.

The consulting ban would be in effect while they hold public office and for one year after their term expires.

It also would require more detailed financial disclosure reports. Lawmakers would have to state clearly the source of any outside income and what work they did to earn the money.

"We need to change the loophole that allows money for votes in the state. That is completely unacceptable," said Hugh Fleischer from the Alaska Public Interest Research Group.

Gov. Sarah Palin is in Washington, D.C. for former President Gerald R. Ford's funeral and has not seen the bill yet.

"As you know, Gov. Palin has spearheaded ethics reform, so this is great news. She is currently working on legislation of her own that will be introduced at the beginning of the legislative session, and many of the elements that were in the bill pre-filed by Rep. Lynn have already been suggested to the governor, and she is considering those," said Sharon Leighow, who is Palin's deputy communications director.

Proponents of the ethics bill say it will draw a line that elected officials should not cross.

Brooke Miles, the director of the Alaska Public Offices Commission, said she is thrilled with the ethics reform proposal and she believes it will give the public more information about whether lawmakers are profiting from their elected positions.


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