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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I nearly barfed when I saw and heard the TV commercial voice-over from Joe Kennedy, who is the son of the late anti-communist Sen. Bobby Kennedy, the nephew of Sen. Ted Kennedy, and a former United States congressman from Massachusetts. The commercial says, “I'm Joe Kennedy. Help is on the way. Heating oil at 40% off from our friends at Venezuela and CITGO. Call me at Citizens Energy at 1-877-JOE-4-OIL. No one should be left out in the cold."

I disagree. Joe Kennedy should be left out in the cold on some remote planet for (I apologize, but no other word fits) “pimping” Venezuela dictator President Hugo Chavez’s oil from Venezuela’s state-owned CITGO Oil Company. This is the same Chavez who’s an ally of Iran, North Korea, and Cuba, calls Jesus Christ a socialist, and insults our president when addressing the United Nations in New York.

Joe Kennedy left Congress in 1999 - that's good news. But now he leads the "Citizens’ Energy Corporation," a US distributor for CITGO. Remember when President Chavez offered free oil to Alaskan bush communities? Hats off and three cheers to the patriotic Alaska villages that refused the insulting offer from Chavez and Kennedy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Legislator, I will have to respectfully disagree with you. Pimping would imply Mr. Kennedy is making a profit “selling” a product. Instead, the Venezuelans are giving the oil to us: the poor and the needy. With temperatures in the -40 below range, the oil has been a god-sent to those of us who need it. While you nearly barfed, some of us in rural Alaska would have frozen. As for your hat being off and rousing 3 cheers to the communities who refused the oil, that was their call to make. Free oil an “insulting offer” is something much too complex for me to understand, I’m sure you would be glad to explain it to me. Responsible leadership in Rural Alaska would not afford this luxury.
Personally, I cheer. I cheer for having heat in my house and know that in the end, it’s not the words, but the actions of one who walked the walk that made it happen. Pretty words and tough stances to pimp a political party just doesn’t burn well in my furnace.

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I makes me want to barf that rural Alaska was put in that situation by you and your fellow legislators. Why don't you allocate more for rural Alaskans to heat their homes and quit jawing to your political base with posts like this? $70 oil and the Bush was forced to take this offer from Citgo -- you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

9:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Represenative Lynn;

I have friends that live in the bush and two near Wasilla that are hard presased to pay for their fuel oil. All of them applied for the free oil and did not sell their country out in doing so.

Speaking of fuel, my natural gas bill (Anchorage) in January 2007 was $240 and in December 2006 it was $140. Why? Because the price is tied to lower-48 gas pprices, and last year people in the Mat-Su stopped a company from developing coal bead methane very close ro Anchorage and Wasila that could use cheap gas without waiting for a 2000 mile monster gas line to be constructed.

Also the Healy coal deposits also have developable natural gas that could alow the people to heat their homes with natural gas. The great thing about the Healy gas is that it comes from lands that are state owned and this means that there are no surface right owners to protest the development of this gas.

The problem is that two entities (Usibilli Coal and the North Star Borough) both are fighting for sole rights to develop this gas, and they could tie this up in court for years like the oil companies have done to the Point Thompson field for 30-years since President Ford signed a statement calling got the pipeline in 1976.

The solution is for the legilature to drop side isues like Ethics until after the natural gas pipeline from the north slope deal is done and the gas fields at Healy are leased with the provision that all companies that develop these fields can share the pipeline to Fairbanks and perhaps south along the Parks Highway to Wasilla and Anchorage if the field is large enough to fill thses needs.

Question: Do you have a problem with a government entity such as thew North Star Brough gets into thew natural gas busines like the Anchorage Municipal Light & Power Company did in the 1970s. This moved was denounced as too expensive at the time, but ML&P can sell its electricity generated from these fields at a cost 10% lower that Chugach Electric and other companies that spurned the same deal as ML&P.

Question: Will you post your plan onnyour Webiste to push the Alaka Natural gas pipeline through ASP.

Here is my initial outline for this:

Subject: Natural Gas pipeline talking points

The natural gas pipeline requires the following: (1) Supply of gas. (2) Buyers. (3) Pipeline company. (4) Financing

Supply: The State owns developable trillions of cubic feet of gas at Point Thompson that can be tapped by companies under contract to the State. The owner of the existing fields can also sell their gas.

Buyers: The State can advertised for Letters-of-Interest to identify potential buyers. The price of the gas can be negotiated.

Pipeline: With the supply & buyers identified the pipeline company can be formed to contract the design and construction the pipeline.

Financing: The pipeline company should be publicly traded so that stock can be sold to raise money to build the pipeline and lower borrowed money to the $18 Billion in Federal backed bonds. The unsold stock would be owned by the State. Thus like in the lower-48 the pipeline will be owned by a company to transport gas sold by the oil companies and the state if Alaska and not just the oil companies. This would also give common people, insurance companies and pension funds the ability to own a profitable company like the Alaska oil pipeline.

Feel free to flesh this out into a full blown action pland.
You can (1) Be a Leader, (2)Be a follower, or even (3) Get out of the way. What you can not do is stop progress on the project by endless talk talk that has allowed the oil compies to delay this project 30 years while they spend billions developing their LNG projects that will soon make the Alaska pileline non competive is the Alaska Legislaturelets them by default.

1:35 PM  
Blogger Zaphod said...

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5:15 PM  
Blogger Zaphod said...

Joe Kennedy is meddling in geopolitics for personal gain. He is aiding and abetting Hugo Chavez, a would-be dictator and avowed enemy of the United States. Joe-4-oil indeed.

While I agree that Americans should not be cold or go hungry, the process by which we address these problems cannot include the enrichment of those who mean only harm to the United States and its citizens.

Kennedy is a buffoon and has willfully misrepresented the reality of Chavez's Venezuela and its "charity." Chavez was only narrowly defeated in trying to establish a "President for Life" scheme, similar to his stated hero, Castro. Chavez has established close relations with Iran, China and Russia ... none of which has our best interests in mind.

Chavez is a dangerous man, an enemy of democracy and Kennedy is his stooge.

5:27 PM  

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