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Thursday, June 04, 2009


I hope I said it right during my Channel 11 CBS interview tonight about the shocking news from our federal Department of Justice. 

I was outraged this afternoon when news came that the United States Attorney General is requesting that former Representatives Pete Kott and Vick Kohring be released from prison because - once again - the federal Department of Justice allegedly withheld evidence that may have been helpful to the defense of the indicted. Unbelievable.  Justice is supposed to be justice.

This is America. Everyone deserves a fair trial: state representatives, US senators, you, me, the next person walking down the street, everybody. We need to trust the people we elect to public office. We also need to trust our Justice System.  First mud is thrown on every honest politician. Mud is being thrown on every honest member of the Justice Department. Mud is being thrown on the United States of America. Shame. 

The only thing I know about the culpability of the accused comes from what I’ve read in the media, and the videos from hidden cameras (which look pretty damning). From what I’ve seen and heard in the public arena, it appears to me some people were guilty as sin (or arrogant, stupid, and guilty). But I’m not on a jury. But if I were on such a jury, I’d want to see all the evidence before I cast a vote of guilty or innocent. That’s only fair. 

It appears some new trials may be in order - if that’s possible. The accused deserve justice. And so do the good people of Alaska. 


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