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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


War was declared by the attack on the United States of America on 9/11. It was not a formal declaration of war. It was not an attack of military upon military, as on December 7th, 1941, Pearl Harbor Day. 9/11 was the opening of (dare I say it?) a religious war by Islamic radical fundamentalists on western civilization - which is an other name for our Judeo/Christian culture. This war on Judeo/Christian civilization has been going on for centuries, it has only ebbed and flowed throughout history.

It is time for America to wake up. Thank God we haven't suffered another major attack since 9/11 - but we will. It's only a matter of time and opportunity.

The problem is, if we don't suffer an attack every other week or so, the unwary are lulled into the fantasy that it won't happen again. And we let our guard down - we fail to take what steps we can to guard against another 9/11, and we try to be "nicer than Jesus" with Islamic terrorists who will not be appeased, whatever we do. There are terrorist cells throughout America waiting only for orders to act: homocide bombers, and God knows what else. Our enemy abuses America's freedom of religion by secreting themselves among those who would abolish freedom of religion.

The war in which we are now engaged is a far more dangerous war than World War II, or Vietnam. Our current war has no national borders. We believe in freedom of religion, our enemy does not. We find ourselves at war with an alien philosophy - a war in which is difficult to win, especially when so many political leaders and silly celebrities fail to recognize reality or, worse, put partisan agendas ahead of national survival.

Wake up America. We are at war. That's reality.


Blogger snowman said...

The central question for me is this: What do we do in our communities to help awaken our neighbors from this stupor?

When teachers don't even bring up 9/11 for fear of traumatizing the unformed mush in their charge, when public figures fear identifying our enemy, when celebrity-fools are looked upto instead of ostracized for their hateful comments -- well, my voice begins to sound rather small.

Until I figure it out, I'll keep watching what's going on locally, and look for an opportunity to make a difference.

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Steven Bonacorsi said...

Hello Rep Bob Lynn,

I suggest establishing a campaign to help educate the entire national community on how to increase readiness, not only against political terrorist but also environmental disasters. I thing a simple visual checklist for proactive planning for crime, terrorists, hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, power failure, etc... An emergency response kit that could be evaluated in estimated $ and then verified by state officials for a tax write-off could lead to a much better prepared nation. Such events as 911 was expected given the poor immigration, stifled communication between federal and state agencies, and poor security standards that for the most part remain an issue and we need to increase readiness to ensure we are better pre-pared for when the next attack arrives.

While I agree with your passion and share your anger over 911, I also believe we need leadership such as yours and mine to help minimize the impact of future events.


Steven Bonacorsi

1:02 PM  

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